Eduzone Professional Recruitment Program: We have a logical and scientific way of working that assures us the best possible results. Starting from understanding the requirements of a job such as profile, skills required, experience, industry, education etc, then writing a detailed Job Description sheet based on the requirement, short-listing the candidates strictly on the basis of Job Description, Interviewing the candidate and judging his attitude, communication, interest and most importantly his score on the Job Description, explaining the job description and company profile to candidate, getting candidate’s acceptance for the Job Description and working at the Client organization,  technical interview, professional reference and background verification and then finally, sharing the resumes with employers. We go deep into job profiles and search candidates as per the requirement. We have trained counsellors that interview candidate and give a detailed report on skills-set, attitude, aptitude and general personality, saving you from any surprises after joining. We have industry experts who can test the technical know-how, industry experience and managerial abilities. 

Eduzone Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services (RPO Services): Under RPO, our clients transfer all or some of their recruitment processes to us. Our team directly coordinates with the departments at the client end for understanding requirements, job description formulation, candidate short-listing, conducting interviews, selection, joining and induction. RPO helps start-ups to upscale the organization strength at a minimum cost. With almost no fixed cost, Start-ups can leave their entire hiring to us and pay us only when employees join them. In addition, we may also provide cost effective training, induction, pay-rolling and administration service, enabling Start-ups to concentrate on the business while we create an effective team to take care of the business.


Eduzone Background Verification Services: Eduzone offers reliable and value adding background verification services with a minimum turn-around time, helping our clients take well informed decisions. We conduct employment checks, education checks, address checks, document checks, identity-proof checks, medical checks etc. helping our clients differentiate between genuine and fake. 

Eduzone Campus Recruitment Program: We conduct centralized placement programs across India, interviewing and recruiting on your behalf, thus reducing your fresher recruiting and training cost. Our team first understands the exact need and creates a job profile and then we screen candidates on multiple skills to find well-rounded candidates. We use psychological testing to identify sales/ service/BPO/software/finance aptitude. We maintain relations with the institutions, assuring right talent for your organization and negotiating right terms with institute to ensure 100% joining and retention. We conduct required trainings and orientation programs for selected students, before joining.


Eduzone Psychological Profiling: One of the best ways to get a clearer picture about a candidate's personality, values and attitudes is through a personality evaluation. Psychological assessments can help your organization to optimize the entire spectrum of HR processes, from finding the right candidate to fill a position to identifying gaps and focusing training efforts on areas that need development. We will help you spot those with leadership aspirations and aptitudes, suggest which of their skills need development and assist you in preparing them for their new role. You can test whether the person is fit for a sales profile, a service profile, a management profile, clerical profile etc. You can also test various skills and attitude of people.


Eduzone Leadership Development Program: We help you create leaders for tomorrow under your succession program. This program aims to help our young and medium age professionals perform better in their jobs using scientific and logical tools to analyse and improve performance. Specialized mentors would also help your employees in performing and improving.  


Eduzone Skill Development Program: We conduct various skill development, motivational and technical training sessions. We have a team of senior, experienced and educated professionals as mentors. These include Dynamic Professors, Entrepreneurs and leading Industry Professionals. Such programs would definitely help your existing employees do better in their jobs.


Eduzone Mentor Program: Mentor program is a great initiative at Eduzone, where we would help you find a mentor who would assist you in your initiatives. Eduzone will suggest you the right mentor after having a personal assessment round with Eduzone team. This mentor would help you in your career related decisions, skill development, personality improvement and even job search. 

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